Strategic Planning Branding Task Force needs you!

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As a branding task force, research was our first step. We are currently developing a strategic plan that identifies our targets, our messages, and our methods.

Concurrently, we have developed color palettes (printed copies of the two palettes are available at CMS front desk) that will be implemented in our marketing materials, our facilities and our visual identity.

Examples of Palette X and Palette Y used in a dummy newsletter.

Vote for your favorite palette by clicking here. We will finalize our selection by February 17.

What you told us

At the beginning of the semester, some of you shared your ideas about the College with us and we promised to tell you what we learned. Thank you to the students, alumni, staff and faculty who helped us with our research. Your answers both confirmed and enlightened and are much appreciated.

We learned that most of you believe that what sets the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering apart is our partnership between FAMU and FSU. Descriptive terms included diverse, unique sponsorship, joint administration. The next most frequently mentioned factor was research opportunities followed by a faculty that listens to students and students who care about each other. Some of the negatives mentioned include a lack of aesthetics, a broken bureaucracy and challenges that come from the joint college concept.

Question 2 asked what word of phrase best describes the personality of the College and the number one answer was diversity. The second most common group of answers had to do with the facilities (dull appearance, gray, depressing, lackluster, ordinary). The third most frequently given response can be summed up as positioned for opportunity

(growing, in progress, a weird tension between two universities, determined). When asked what you thought our core values/purpose were, most answered “to educate engineers” closely aligned with “helping students succeed”. Research was the second most frequently given response. Others included a passionate plea for unity, “being honest about one’s work”, and “Integrity, transparency, innovation.”

When asked what attracted you to the college, the answers varied widely with the joint nature of the college leading and location coming in second. Many of you came specifically because of ties to FAMU or FSU, some because of scholarship offers, some because of research opportunities.

The last question was for you to complete the sentence, “I wish the College would improve ______.” and facilities was the top answer followed by the perception of the College by others (this includes reputation, branding, image). Curriculum – discussed in several ways – was frequently mentioned as was communications (outreach, alumni engagement), and disparities due to the two universities.

So, what are we going to do?

Working in cooperation with the Infrastructure task force, we have been meeting with landscape architects and requesting plans from the University’s design team. In coming weeks, we will begin discussions on a revision of the College website and additional components of the visual identity of the College.

Your input is welcome and encouraged. Contact Laurie Herring in the Communications and Multimedia Services office (Phone: (850) 410-6356, Email:

Dec 7, 2016

Calling our Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni and Friends!

The Dean wants to know what you think. Will you take a few minutes to answer five questions to help us learn “where” we are as a College so we can better determine how to make the College work better for you?

Branding Task Force Survey link.

We’ll let you know what we learn online in the coming weeks. And then watch for results all around you.